From Russia with love

We all know you can’t beat a classic Lambretta, but if you’ve got a yen for something a litlle different in the classic scooter stakes, how about this lovely Tula 200cc scoot from the former Soviet Union. 
Very much in lin1950’s Teutonic style coachwork… a huge front mudguard reminiscent of a Hienkel, but the rear very similar to the Glas Gogo… this was a beast designed to cope with the worst that the Russian winters could throw at it.
On eBay now for a grand, classified price.


Back in the USSR


Classic Lambretta’s were tricky to get hold of. However, those clever Soviets produced their own version. The 200cc Tula Tourist isn’t as pretty as a SX, that’s for sure, but I’ve seen uglier scoots. This one if for sale over at Car and Classic… here. £750 or near offer. 

And if you want to check out more information about Tula scooters, Autosoviet is a great site.

If I had it, I’d probably paint it bright red, with a big hammer and sickle and CCCP on the side panel. But maybe that’s just a bit obvious.