’70s Style Racer…

I featured a ’50s style racer a couple of days ago, moving on a couple of decades gets us to this ’70s style, full faired metalflake racer. This one is on eBay, sitting at a mere £2,000 at the moment. The downside, is you’ll have to drop your own engine in, as it doesn’t come with one. But that might be an upside for you 🙂
Here’s the link

Stunning new lids from Birkinhead

Regualr readers will know I like a Davida helmet. And I was a big fan of their “Cosmic Candy” range… which I thought would set off a 70’s style skelly to a tee… Well, now you’ve got even more choice from the Birkinhead helmet artisans. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… I present metalflake!David Metalflake

I can do no better than quote from their press release… “The attention to detail, the depth of light and colour: the visual effect of the results is stunning. Davida helmets feel wonderfully luxurious and protective given their snug fitting and leather-lined construction and are well proven for all types of riding adventures.”

Pricewise, they’re not the cheapest helmets on the market, but quality never is is, is it? And the one thing you don’t want to be scrimping on is a bash hat. Davida Jet & Ninety2 RRP £378. Davida Speedster RRP £365 + VAT

With their international reputation for integrating the finest features of traditional open face helmets into modern safety products, all Davida’s supremely comfortable range of helmets are now available in more than 100 different colour ways. See the website for full details.

Flakey Framebreather

$_57MetalFlakey that is. I think this is what you’d call a ‘real bobby dazzler’ gold and copper metalflake on S1 Framebreather. Spotted this on beauty on eBay… it’s in just finished condition and got a Stage 4, 200cc engine in, so the performance won’t be a let down. I know this is a late 50’s scoot… but for me, it’s got a bit of a 70’s vibe about it. In a good way. If Brian Connolly rode a Lammy, it would look like this. A Sweet ride.$_57-4 $_57-2 $_57-3 $_57You like? Buy it on eBay here. Go on, treat yourself.

You could own this stunning Bolan/T-Rex tribute Lammy (If you’ve got a spare £12k)

UPDATE: The scooter featured below sold for £11,900…


If muralled, plated, engraved custom Lammies are your thing (they aint mine, but I CAN see the attraction), then here’s your chance to own one of the best out there. The work, and the money, that’s gone into it is immense. It’s based on an all Italian TV 175, Series 3… and as with most of these beautifully customised machines the engine has been seriously tuned too… although I’m not suprised  it has done “a minimum of road miles” since; would you want to zoom about on it when you’d spent so much on paint and plating?


The list of modifications is immense, from one-off, hand made brake levers in the shape of a Gibson ‘flying `V’ guitar, to signatures by Andy Ellison of John’s children (Bolans first band) and Helen Shapiro. Check it out on eBay here. But you’d better be quick, because as I type this, the auction only has 4hrs to run. And it’s currently sitting at £11,900, with 24 bids.