You could own this stunning Bolan/T-Rex tribute Lammy (If you’ve got a spare £12k)

UPDATE: The scooter featured below sold for £11,900…


If muralled, plated, engraved custom Lammies are your thing (they aint mine, but I CAN see the attraction), then here’s your chance to own one of the best out there. The work, and the money, that’s gone into it is immense. It’s based on an all Italian TV 175, Series 3… and as with most of these beautifully customised machines the engine has been seriously tuned too… although I’m not suprised  it has done “a minimum of road miles” since; would you want to zoom about on it when you’d spent so much on paint and plating?


The list of modifications is immense, from one-off, hand made brake levers in the shape of a Gibson ‘flying `V’ guitar, to signatures by Andy Ellison of John’s children (Bolans first band) and Helen Shapiro. Check it out on eBay here. But you’d better be quick, because as I type this, the auction only has 4hrs to run. And it’s currently sitting at £11,900, with 24 bids.