The $200,000 Lambretta

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 16.56.57Well, $209,000 actually. But when you’re spending that much, the $9k in pocket change. Anyway, it’s (another) “Jimmy” replica (from Quadrophenia). That’s right. You read it correctly… it’s not even the ORIGINAL scooter from the film… that one (this one) sold for a mere £36,ooo back in June. But, in case I’m sounding a little unenthusiastic about it, there was an excellent reason this scoot fetched so much… it was for a good cause… the (RED)  Charity… in an auction curated by Apple’s head of design Sir Jonatan Ive. And it is signed by Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend. Ok, so it’s a true “pop icon”, I can see the appeal. And you could buy  half a dozen absolutely top notch Lammies for the price of this one. Make that a dozen. But that’s not the point is it

If yore interested in the actual scooters that were in the film, there’s is an excellent site, VCB160 that tracks the history of the two main scooters in Quadrophenia; Jimmy’s Lambretta and Sting’s “GS” Vespa (which is actually a Vespa Rally, made to look like a GS).

via ScooterFile

Model D Racer Replica for sale


A bit of a palette cleanser after that horrible Pato in the last post… there’s a lovey replica of a Model D racer for sale over at Car & Classic. Not a genuine racer, but built on a genuine D frame, with, what looks like to me, a good eye for detail. Now there are those of you who’ll think D’s should only be seen in that drab olive green / khaki / pale grey colour they were originally sold in… and not messed about with in any way… but I love this “corsa” look…


While I’m on the subject, I’ve seen a D repainted in GP Orange and it was a revelation, the machine looked almost modern, and you could see a definite lineage between it and a Luna. Concours? No. Original? No. Desirable? Yes, to me anyway. What do you think? Go on, don’t be shy…


If you’re interested, it’s going for £3,750 (ONO)… which I think is a bit of a bargain, personally. Something a bit different, I reckon it would be pretty rideable on todays roads, and a real head turner at rallies.

If you’re interested, here’s the link.