Quadrophenia LI150 fetches £36,000

ImageThe film Quadrophenia was a life changing movie for me, and many others. I can’t believe many people reading this blog would not have seen it, so I won’t bang on about it.

One of the iconic scooters in the film was Jimmy’s LI150 Lambretta… customised in full mod style (the other of course, being the Ace Face’s Vespa GS). 

After filming finished, the ‘Jimmy Bike’ was sold to scooter dealers Rafferty Newman and put on display in the window of their shop in Portsmouth. It was later sold and used on the road, before being left to rot in the garden of a quiet suburb. In 1995, it was rescued and restored to it’s original glory. And, although it’s not my cup of tea, it epitomises many people’s idea of the classic mod Lambretta.

So much so, it has become a pop cultural icon in it’s own right. And, as the headline revealed, it sold recently at auction, at Bonhams for an eye-watering £36k.


2 thoughts on “Quadrophenia LI150 fetches £36,000

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