UPDATE: Just noticed this page is displaying a bunch of plain tee with no designs… bear with me while I sort this out :/

The link still works

Why wear some generic t-shirt from a high street shop, when you could be sporting a fine garment showing your love of the world’s finest motor scooter? All shirts designed in-house by the Lambrettista Blog Design Team. That’ll be me then.

All profits (and that’s only about 50p a shirt) go towards keeping the blog going, so your doing a good thing.

Oh, if you’re a Vespa fan, it’s all meant in good fun. Honest.

Below are a few designs, there’s a lot more over at the Lambrettista Zazzle Store.

More designs are going to be added as and when I get round to it. Check out the full online shop
The Lambrettista Blog Shop

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