Messham’s Wall of Death


I was in Hammersmith, with my five year old twins on Saturday. We came across Carter’s Steam Fair in Ravenscourt Park, which, if you haven’t been, is fantastic. My favourite part isn’t the rides, or even the vintage ‘penny arcade’… it’s the vehicles and caravans that transport the show. It’s a fantastic slice of nostagia.

When I clocked that there was a Wall of Death show, I had to see it.  This isn’t any old wall of death show, either… it’s Messham’s Wall of Death… Europe’s oldest motorcycle sports show… performed by the Messham family for over 80 years. And what a show it was. In a surprisingly tiny ‘arena’ the old Indian motorbikes whizzed around performing the most amazing stunts. I came away totally astounded. It’s probably the best value for money I ever spent on any show I’ve ever seen. If you get the chance… GO.

Anyway. Enough set up. The reason for posting this rambling story is, as I was watching, I thought – I bet nobodies ever done that on a Lambretta… (don’t worry, I’m not about to volunteer to be the first to attempt that!). Flicking through the Messham’s website this morning though I came across this fantastic pic of one of the Messham clan on a scooter – I thought it was a Zundapp Bella – but I’m pretty sure it’s not – can anybody ID it?


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