Stacey wants a Cento


Word had reached Lambrettista Towers that mod cook Stacey Stewart, (you know, the girl with the beehive that was on Masterchef), is in the market for a Lambretta Cento. 

She probably read my article about the J-range scoots here, or saw this lovely example.
Anyway, if you have one, or know of one for sale, let me know and I’ll pass it on.
Or if you fancy trying Stacey’s award winning cakes check out her website, here


EDIT: If you like the look of that Series 2 (it’s clearly a 3!) Stacey is sitting on, you’re in luck. She’s flogging on eBay. It’s an Italian, 1968 LI 125, recently restored, in metallic silver and midnight blue. Good to go and need no work. It’s in Newcastle, and there are a load more pics and information on eBay, here.   


UPDATE: Stacie’s sold her Series 3 (dur, I wrote Series 2 before!), and got herself a J125 Starstream. Nice one Stacie.


Thoughts? Your comments are always welcome…

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