To wave or not to wave

That is the question.
Being a friendly sort of chap I always give a cheery little wave to riders of other classic scoots, even V•spas. (Only joking. Vespas are my second, or possibly third favourite scooter).
If I can’t remove a hand from the handlebar for some particular reason, I give a little nod of the old bash hat.
Scooteritsts, being friendly sorts of chaps, and chapesses, on the whole, wave or nod back.
Unless they are riding the newer types of Vespa (ironically, these riders could be called the “new wave” of scooterists).
They seem totally dumfounded that anyone would wave to them.
PX riders? Fine. Anything after that, probably not.
There’s a guy I see fairly regularly on my way home with a modern Vespa, front rack, extra mirrors, mod roundels etc. I’m now on nodding terms with him.
But it took a while. First time I waved he nearly fell off. Now I’m not THAT scary!
When I used to have an old moggy minor, we always waved at each other. MG owners do it. VW bus and bug owners do it. Bus drivers and even the old bill do it. I’ve seen ’em.
So when a scooterist gives you a little nod or a wave, be nice. Wave back. It’s not hard.


Thoughts? Your comments are always welcome…

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