Fresh shots of the Lambretta LN… in the wild


Well, maybe not the wild. Belgium. But you know what I mean. I know the jury’s still out on this one, and I’ve got stick in some quarters for defending it in the past, but I think the design at least hangs together. Until, of course you get to the shot of the LN next to an original 150 Special, and it just looks fugly and bloated. But then again, stick a Vespa GS 160 next to PX… you get my point. And some of the detailing is pretty good, lovin’ the Lambretta branded grips. Lots of detail, and comment on the two sites I’ve “borrowed” the images from, in French, but that’s what Google Translate is for (even better, use Google Chrome, and it automatically translates it for you). From Scooter Station and Scooter Infos, via 2StrokeBuzz



UPDATE: If you are in the Bolton area, I’m reliably informed you can get hold of the new Lambretta at MotoCentre. Website here.


Thoughts? Your comments are always welcome…

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