What’s YOUR dream Lambretta collection?

The post I stuck up the other day about an entire Lambretta collection up for sale probably wouldn’t be the eight machines I’d put together in a collecton. Actually, there’s no probably about it – it definately wouldn’t. Got me thinking though… if you had the resources to by your dream Lambretta collection, what would it include? I’ve half done mine in my head a few times, and it comes out different each time… so come on, get involved let me know.

Rules… You’re ‘budget” is £50k… use your estimating skills, and give each of your selections a “guide price”. You can throw in one “wildcard”, ie. a non-Lambretta scooter. All models from 1947 onwards, and from any country manufacturing under licence acceptable. All styles and modifications acceptable.

Once I’ve pinned down my ideal garageful I’ll post them up here. But what would YOUR dream Lambretta collection consist of?


Thoughts? Your comments are always welcome…

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