Flippin’ cold this morning


Minus 3. Both my throttle and gears were frozen solid on the handlebars… juducious use of teh old WD40 and a towel heated in the microwave did the trick. Mind you by the time I got to work my fingertips were like ice – despite my winter gloves. Anyway, reminded me of the Cold Weather Challenge run by the guys over at 2StrokeBuzz… Check it out, and if you’re one of my readers in ‘the colonies’, why not give it a go? But if you do… stay warm, scoot safe. 

Btw… the blogs not dead… got lots to post, it’s just getting round to it between work and family. 
Interesting post to come about the ‘new’ (when does it stop being the new Lambretta??) Lambretta LN, from someone who’s actually got one… and has had a long correspondence with the Lambretta Consortium over ‘brand Lambretta”. Which I’ll stick up when I get my arse in gear. Which is even trickier than getting my scooter in gear when it’s minus three. (see what I did there?).


Thoughts? Your comments are always welcome…

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