What all this Ruckus?

Honda Zoomer-Ruckus-Pics htup_1006_24_o 2009_honda_ruckus headlihgt_shot htup_1006_29_o 2009_honda_ruckus front_view htup_1101_02_o 2004_honda_ruckus rear_right_side_view htup_1101_03_o 2004_honda_ruckus exhaust htup_1101_09_o 2004_honda_ruckus front_tire htup_2101_05_o 2004_honda_ruckus right_side_viewI’ve expressed my admiration for Honda’s Zoomer (or the Ruckus as it’s known stateside) before now…  I think, design wise, it stands head and shoulders above most of the modern scooters on the market. But what has it got to do with the Lambretta? Not a lot to be honest. There’s a kind of back-to-basics early Lambretta aesthetic (Models A-F) about it I suppose. And, from day one, there has been a bit of a scene upgrading and customising the Zoomer. That’s pretty much where it ends. But that’s enough of an excuse for me to post these pics from Honda Tuning Magazine.

I’ve got to admit, my knowledge of todays scoots isn’t that great. What else is out there, modern scooter wise, that deserves a mention? Let me know. If I like it, I’ll post it!


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