Lambretta gloves

gloves_tan_big_altWhile researching (I use the term loosely) my helmets post, I came across these rather nice tan gloves on the Heritage Helmets site. Now, I don’t always agree with slapping a Lambretta logo on stuff, but I think these look pretty good, perfect for Summer riding. If we ever get a Summer that is.

They’re £34.99 inc. Free UK P&P, and also available in black.

Grab a pair here.

EDIT: I was given a pair of these gloves for my birthday yesterday, and my first impressions are really good. Stay tuned and I’ll write a full review after I’ve worn them for a wee while!


6 thoughts on “Lambretta gloves

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  2. These gloves look nice.Do you think they are summer gloves?
    I mean … sunny summer gloves, not UK summer gloves 🙂
    even if this year in Italy we are still looking for the sun…


    • Sorry for the delay in replying Marco, but I hadn’t actually worn a pair. Having got my hands on (and in) a pair yesterday, I’d say yes… definitely Summer gloves. There are ventilation holes between each of the finger pieces, that work well to keep your hands cool. They look to be pretty well made, good stitching and reinforcement on the palm area. They do however come up a little small, I ordered a medium, and they were quite a tight fit. Being leather, they’ll soften and stretch nicely (I hope), but if in doubt, go a size up.


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