So Scomadi’s… they’re just a rebadged Hanway, right?

3yvysa9e_13277I’ve read a couple of derogatory reports on the upcoming ( and upcoming fast ) Scomadi’s.  They’re just cheap Chinese plastic autos. They’re a badge engineered Hanway – a Chinese manufacturer of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles… and one I’d never even heard of until recently. The pic above proves it… as does the Hanway website  others showing the very familiar looking Hanway TL Models

Well, not quite. It’s the other way round I suspect. The Scomadi scooters are the culmination of over ten years of development by PM Tuning and Lambretta Innovations… the result of many prototypes and hard work, to achieve the vision of a reliable modern scooter with traditional Lambretta styling. Starting off with built to order ‘specials’ Scomadi has now made the step to mass production, and the world being the way it is, to keep costs reasonable they have chosen to make the machines in China, partnering with Hanway. I’m guessing as part of the deal Hanway get to manufacture and sell the Scomadi under their own name in certain territories.

I understand that the Scomadi isn’t perfect. And it’s not my job to be a flagbearer for it. Perfect would be a innovative 2T engine that did 200 miles to the gallon, over 100mph, had a steel body, was made in Italy, and costing about £2k. But that aint ever going to happen. If you buy into the idea of a modern Lambretta the Scomadi is a pretty good effort.

Anyhoo… this video from the Scomadi Facebook page makes the point better than I ever could… (Just a link at the moment, when I figure out how to embed it, I will!


12 thoughts on “So Scomadi’s… they’re just a rebadged Hanway, right?

  1. have the hanway models appeared yet. would be interested to know price difference of hanway in foreign markets to rip off uk. fancy a 250 which scomadi will not be doing


    • I expect they will have a markets agreement in place, where they will not sell Hanways in the same geographical regions as Scomadi’s. Similar to where you had Vauxhalls in the UK and Opel in Germany. Not to say that there won’t be a few ‘grey imports’ if someone thinks they can make a few quid…


  2. I have heard the 300 cc model is not being produced as Piaggio will not put their engine in any scooter from China,also Scomadi have done the dirty on Piaggio as they have had Hanway attempt to copy the Piaggio 300 engine which Piaggio then found out about and are now looking to sue Scomadi. lt’s just as bad as Scomadi having Italian script on their badges and the use of the Italan tri_color, why don’t they use the Chinese flag.
    Innocenti must be turning in his grave along with Bertone .Scomadi no thank you.


  3. I heard the rumour a few weeks ago that Piaggio were in the process of taking scomadi to court about having the 300 engine copied in china, and telling customers it was a piaggio unit in the scomadi which wasn’t the case. I really like the concept but having seen a 50 cc version i agree the quality is to the standard of most items from china, you can’t beat european build quality. The trouble with scomadi is they are looking to cash in on a market of the younger less experianced scooter riders, just because it looks like a lambretta doesn’t make it a lambretta, it’s just another chinese copy and as far as all the people i know who ride lambrettas thats all it will be a poor copy of the worlds finest scooter, i’de sooner have a vespa !!!


    • I agree, it’s not for everybody, and it’s not a ‘true’ Lambretta. And, too be fair I’ve not seen one in the flesh, (my bad) let alone ridden one. I’m old school, Innocenti through and through… but I still like the look, and the idea of the Scomadi. A modern, smooth reliable auto, with the style of a GP… a no brainer! (Although I believe the reliability of a well maintained standard Lambretta is pretty good, but I’m off on a tangent). If, as stated it’s a Chinese copy of a Piaggio engine rather than a genuine Piaggio unit I would expect the reliability to drop… Hmmm…


  4. I heard it was PIaggio that pulled the plug on the use of their engine unit and that Hanway or other Chinese companies had been approached to copy and build the 300cc engine.It then esculated that Piaggio would no longer supply new engines for the current models being produced and have instructed their lawyers to take proceedings out against Scomadi over copyright of their engine,so it now looks that no European engines will be used on any new scooters.When you go on the Scomadi site it’s all gone quite on the 300 engine front. It now seems that ony the 50 and 125 are available even though Scomadi attempted to fund the 300 via crowd funding,funding the build to copy the Piaggio engine and then pass it off as a Piaggio built engine but made in China. Sad as I knw of a lot of guys are holding out for the 300 to be launched, even deposits have been paid and now this. I knew it was to good to be true,stick to my SX me thinks.


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