A Suffragette… on a scooter!

Embed from Getty Images
I came across this image of early woman’s right campaigner Florence, Lady Norman (nee McLaren, 1884 – 1964), travelling on her motor scooter her office, circa 1916. The scooter (a birthday present from her husband), was an Autoped, was an early example of a motorised kick (or toy) scooter. There’s cleary a direct line between the Autoped and the folding paratrooper scooter that were said to have inspired the first Lambretta.

So could Florence actually be described as the first Scooter Girl? Probably!

Incidentally, I toyed with several alternative headlines for this post… “Go with the Flo” and “SuffraJet200” were two of my rejects…

(Photo by Paul Thompson/FPG/Archive Photos/Getty Images)