Loved Quadrophenia? Check out this new film; Being

CaringNews of a new short film being shot in Brighton reached Lambrettista HQ the other day, this looks like its going to be a good one.  Scheduled for a 2017 release, Being is a new film featuring a couple of actors from the classic Quadrophenia, the film that a lot of scooter riders cite as ‘life changing’. The exciting thing about this film is that you can get involved with it through Kickstarter… more of that at the end of this post.

The story

Buddy is a young carer for his Mum who has multiple sclerosis. He struggles with his responsibilities at home and is bullied at school finding escape in a world of sixties music. He befriends an out of work actor, ‘Doley’ (Mark Wingett), who was in the movie Quadrophenia. The core of the film is the struggle carers face when looking after family members. It raises the question, in a lighthearted way, why in this day and age, carers and those they care for are still marginalised and made to feel like outsiders.

A nod to Quadrophenia

From original cast members and the Brighton location right down to the replicas of the scooters and clothing, Being has strong cultural references to the original Quadrophenia movie. Buddy and his mother Margaret share a love of sixties mod bands like The Who, The Kinks and The Animals.NodToTheMods

Who’s on board?

Director Devlin Crow has secured a stellar line-up of cast and crew, which includes Mark Wingett (Dave from Quadrophenia, one of my favourite characters) as well as Trevor Laird, (another of my favourite characters, Ferdy). Buddy is played by young actor Joshua Farley. There’s a strong team behind the camera too; cinematographer Tristan Oliver (Grand Budapest Hotel, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Wrong Trousers) and composer Barrington Pheloung (Inspector Morse, Lewis) backed up by an experienced film and television crew.

But they need your help…

The script has been written and many people have pledged their commitment to this project because of Devlin’s considerable charisma and his deep love for Kennedy, his wife who has MS. They do so in the knowledge that in Devlin’s hands this will be a moving and compelling work of art that will change peoples’ lives forever.

If you want to be part of this exciting film here’s what you do…

The Kickstarter* campaign will launch on 1st February 2016 and will run for 30 days. Their goal is to raise a minimum of £20,000. I’ll update this post with a link to the project when it launches, but I thought I’d get in early, to give my readers a ‘heads up’ on this very special project.

Beingfilm-Rewards Kickstarter Rewards

Here’s how it works: They set a funding goal (£20k). You make a pledge. You choose a level of donation that suits you and in return there will be some fabulous rewards. The rewards will be detailed on the Kickstarter page, but ere are a few examples of what you might expect to receive:

  • Devlin Crow original artwork
  • Credits in the film
  • Invitation to the premier
  • Be an extra for the day
  • Autographs from the actors
  • Watching one of the scenes of the film being shot
  • Lunch on one of the days of the shoot
  • Your own Lambretta being featured in the film
  • Invite to a party with the cast

Check out the website

This is only a taster of the project, there’s a lot more over on the official website, you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

*Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where people come together to make creative projects happen. When you back the project, you’ll be part of the journey to make the film happen. They’ve chosen Kickstarter because it is set up to help filmmakers like Devlin reach out to people like us, and they enjoy supporting Kickstarter projects themselves.

If for some bizarre reason you don’t own a copy of Quadrophenia,  You can get one on Amazon here


15 thoughts on “Loved Quadrophenia? Check out this new film; Being

    • I get your point, but look at it a little differently. I think it’s a risk worth taking… you choose your risk level, make a small commitment, if you fancy it, and can afford it, and in return get a ‘money can’t buy’ opportunity to be involved in a film. If it’s not your thing, fair enough, but I think it’s a pretty good model to get a low budget film funded. There are some good ‘names’ on board. The one thing that worries me is the budget seems very small, but if it’s all done in one location, it might work.


  1. Bloody brilliant… about time we had another original Mod classic. I love the thought that all the mod mad scooterists have a chance to be involved, imagine having the chance of being in the original Quadrophenia you’d give your left white wall! Good luck I love to see these projects work. See you on set! Justin Dublin

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  3. My wife has MS and the lack of knowledge people have is a joke I’m also a Mod and a Quadrophenia nut so I’m wishing this film every success it’ll bring some great Mod stuff but more importantly some very much needed awareness, I didn’t realise this was the film my had had been asked to help out in a scene his most upset lol. Goodluck! and if you need a middle aged Mod (No Scooter I’m happy to help out)


  4. Excited about this project love to be a part of it,I’m and old mod with 3 scooters a tv200 ,LI 150 and a series 2 Tv 175 plus plenty of mates with the gear and scooters email for pictures if needed.

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  6. Still ,, follow mod culture ,,! Myself and my wife !!! Members of the the barnsley vickings scooter club also ! And more exciting then ever is that ‘ Martin scully ‘ my mate did appear in the courtroom of the quad film 😆😆!!! And is still as nutty as ever !! Great days still with the mods ,, and what a pleasure it is to see that younger generation ,, that want even born till the late 80s !!! Follow this remarkable way !!! They don’t walk round with half of there trousers round the pants ?? Credit to all smart young mid followers !!! I have a lambretta GP 1985 model ,,, and may I say ‘ I won the trophy ,, for the best looking bike ,, a couple of months ago !!! At my local lambretta club !!! Visited me on Facebook ( Mark kelly ) ‘ get this movie started ,,, yes of course ‘ we wanna be in the spot light 👍👍👍👍

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  7. I am so looking forward to this on so many levels. One being a huge Who and Quadrophenia fan, two being from Brighton, three I fully appreciate the plight of young carers and four – Josh Farley is one of the most wonderful students I have ever taught (French, not drama 😉 ). I can’t wait. Spread the word!


  8. Hi I’m Rob really interested I ride a 1960 LI series original condition, looks the part 2 seater I would be happy to show pictures


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