Lambretta Lights Pale Ale


Writing this blog is a just for fun thing for me, I do it because I enjoy it. Some days I enjoy it more than others…particularly when nice people send me things*. Especially beer. Beer is good. If you want to send me beer, that’s great!

CcJmYVoXEAA1tUaThe guys from the Kel Paul Brewing Co.(a pop-up brewery based in  The Hereford Brewery, Hereford). It’s not just beer, it’s Lambretta beer. With a Lambretta logo and a Lambretta on the front. Life doesn’t get better than this. And it’s very quaffable. To quote the blurb on the bottle it’s  ‘A smooth, well hopped Pale Ale. Initial sweet bitterness gives way to a smooth finish’.

Now I’m no Michael Jackson (the beer writer, not the kiddyfiddling** ‘King of Pop’ – though I’m no him either) but I do like a pint. And this is a good one. I fancy I tasted a bit of a citrus twang to it. But that might just me being poncey. It does go very well with a Tesco’s Finest Salami Napoli  pizza. The perfect accompaniment in fact.

You order a case of 12 for a very reasonable £25 + packaging. An ideal gift for the Lambretta loving mate. Or get a couple of cases in for your next social gathering – it’s bound to be a conversation piece.  Every Lambretta lover should have a couple of bottles on standby.

Email and they’ll sort you out.

*If the nice people at Scomadi want to send me one of those, I’ll write a nice, honest review about that too…





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