AF Rayspeed Engine on eBay

AFRayEnginGP200AFRayEnginGP200-1AFRayEnginGP200-2With all of this electric stuff I’ve been posting over the last couple of days, you might think that I’m anti-2stroke. Far from it… I find the classic Innocenti engine almost as iconic as the bodywork – the heart of a classic Lambretta.

And you don’t get more classic than this. Fella on eBay, selling this GP200 engine – standard stage 4 tune,  22mm Jetex, twin tailpipe exhaust, chrome kick-start, new brake shoes and plug oil, with cdi and regulator and engine bolt. Ready to fit and use. With original receipts to around £1300. Collect from Folkstone, Kent.
On a side note, if you ever get the opportunity to make me a cup of tea, the exact colour of the tea in the second pic is the one to aim for. Proper ‘builders’.

Check in out on eBay here


Thoughts? Your comments are always welcome…

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