What would you pay for an original condition GP Electronic?

P1180836A Lambretta GP Electronic is a pretty rare beast… One in original factory paint is even rarer still. This one even has the original factory stickers on the inside of the sidepanels.

It’s not pristine, that’s true… but the patina just adds to this scooters character, in my humble opinion. They’re only original once.

P1180883So what’s it worth? Well the obvious answer is whatever someone is willing to pay for it. The owner has asked me for a valuation… and to be honest, I’m out of my depth. So any experts out there who can give an informed estimate, please let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “What would you pay for an original condition GP Electronic?

  1. I also have one in red, K reg, all original including the sloped seat & provenance. I would let it go for £12,000 so this one is worth the same.


    • In today’s market, with good SX’s and TV’s going for big money, my gut feeling is that £12k sounds about right to me. If it was mine, I don’t think I’d let it go for less.


    • I saw your red one on the other site Simon. I’m not so sure about £12,000, but I would give you £8,000 cash if you’re interested.


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