New Lambretta Vendetta on the Cover of Scootering…

Scootering_NewLambrettaA sneak preview of the June issue of Scootering reveals more on the Lambretta Vendetta V200 Special… can’t wait till this issue drops through my letterbox!


3 thoughts on “New Lambretta Vendetta on the Cover of Scootering…

  1. Absolute muck built for the mass’s not scooterists looks boxy no style to it give me a proper lambretta anyday tne only thing lambretta bout it is the name

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    • Well, that’s one opinion, of course. I think one that will be shared by quite a few old school Lambrettisti. Who are clearly going to be the hardest ones to convince. I think there has been a decent effort to bring in some traditional Lambretta style onto a modern scooter platform. I haven’t seen it in the flesh, but have heard positive things from people who have. My argument would be that (many) classic scooterists have always accepted modern Vespa’s… and if Piaggio hadn’t had continued releasing new models, and then dropped the GTS or Sprint, it would have been just as big a culture shock. Then again there are just as many who claim the last ‘classic’ Vespa was the PX.


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