Your classic scooter might not need an MOT soon…


The government has launched a consultation to decide whether or not pre-1960 cars, bikes and scooters should be exempt from the annual MoT test. Pre 1960 is fairly old for a Lambretta, but there are tons of Series 1’s (and maybe some very early S2’s) and earlier Lammies on the road. Maybe it’s another reason to look at getting an LD!

It’s beeing done on the basis that owners of classic bikes and cars are more likely to look after them properly, that they’re involved in very few accidents and account for a tiny percentage of the vehicles on the road, plus the fact that much of the modern MoT is not suitable for older vehicles anyway, the idea is to leave the responsibility for checking they’re well maintained up to their owners. The evidence shows that classic vehicles are more likely to pass the MoT than average.

Under the proposals, the test for pre-1960 cars and bikes would be ditched but there would still be a legal requirement to make sure they’re safe and ‘in a proper condition’ to be used on the road.

I’m not sure about this. I do keep my scooter in good condition, as I’m sure the majority of owners of classic Lambretta’s do, but in my mind, the MOT fulfils a couple of useful roles… it makes you do those annoying little jobs that you sometimes “let ride”, and it flags up things that you may never have spotted. Mines a 1960 vintage anyway, so it probably doesn’t apply to me!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments (you may have to join Posterous to do that, but, hey, it’s free!). Or if you feel strongly about it, let the government know. There’s a public consultation that will run until January 26, and can be found here.

Via Visordown. Read more here.



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