Lambretta Carb removal, cleaning & rebuild videos

It may not be as newsworthy as an Electric Lambretta, or as entertaining as some of Woodsy’s videos… sometimes the boring mechanical stuff needs doing. These nicely put together videos shows you all the steps in getting your carburettor off your scoot, stripped, cleansed and reassembled. You could use Sticky’s manual, and I’d recommend having it on hand while your doing it, but if you are new to the job, watching a couple of 8 minute videos could be real lifesavers.

Although aimed at Series 3 owners, the basics are the same for all Lambretta models, (certainly from the Series 1’s onwards) so even if you have an older scoot, they are worth a watch.

The videos have been put together by Jeff Allen who mainly does “how-too’s on how to do shit” and does it very well… nicely shot and easy to follow.

UPDATE: Regualr reader Corey makes some good points in the comments, check ’em out by clicking the little speech bubble.


2 thoughts on “Lambretta Carb removal, cleaning & rebuild videos

  1. Use care when you tighten the brass jets. If smallest idle jet is overtightened it can distort the shape of the holes in the end and cause problems with the idle setting.
    Inspect this jet when you take the carb apart. It is has been distorted the only fix is a replacement.

    There are several types of plastic floats.
    Replacements are near impossible to find, and costly when you do.

    Modern unleaded fuel contains ethanol, and this can produce problems with floats, causing them to swell. Ethanol has also been related to issues with engine oil seals.

    Here are some suggestions to help remedy this problem.

    It is highly recommended to use ethanol free gasoline at all times.
    Shell V power gasloline does not contain ethanol.

    A list of stations in the USA tand Canada that serve ethanol free gas can be found here.


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