Rumi Formichino

The Moto Rumi Formichino is a really nice little scooter that I have posted about before*. A true original, when many manufacturers were trying to copy Lambretta and Vespa, and on the whole, making a pretty poor fist of it, or trying to shoe-horn their motorcycle technology into a scooter chassis, Rumi went their own way. I think it’s a really clever, elegant design too. It attracted a loyal band of owners, especially of the sporting fraternity, and is still an admired and sought after scooter today. The current Moto Rumi club has over 100 members from around the world.

*I’m certain I wrote a piece about Moto Rumi’s before, but I buggered if I can find it in the blog archives. If I do, I’ll repost.


4 thoughts on “Rumi Formichino

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