’56 LD on eBay

eBay LDSpotted this nice LD on eBay, fully restored to original condition. The last owner has had it for 48 years, an fit comes complete with the original buff logbook. It’s a ‘classified ad’ priced at £4,300 (just reduced). Current owner, Rob at Lowebourne Classic Vehicles might haggle a bit. Here’s the link.
eBay LD $(KGrHqF,!mEFHdIVvH-gBR5t3YeB7Q~~60_58 $(KGrHqFHJ!0FHTLzZ5sNBR5tz)Kz6w~~60_58 $(KGrHqJ,!pIFHHNp9SnWBR5t2)7Nmg~~60_58 $(KGrHqV,!o0FHgetelRbBR5t4Qhs-Q~~60_58 $T2eC16RHJHMFH!e-+TlUBR5tzFZ)NQ~~60_58


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