Moody brakes…

Julies GP Moody BlueJulie in Norfolk sent me a pic of her lovely GP, which she’s lavished a lot of money and attention on… a beautiful scoot. Trouble is, she’s having problems with her brakes… it “shudders like anything” on braking… but only on bumpy roads. She asked me for a bit of advice, but I’m not really qualified to help, especially with something as vital as brakes. I recommended she ask on the LCGB forums, which I’ve always found helpful… but if you guys have any ideas, feel free to leave a comment…


8 thoughts on “Moody brakes…

  1. I need your email address again. Bought a new IPad, seem to have lost your email address. Found a 125 D model that had been stored for 42 years. Will send photo Regards Rod

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  2. juddering brakes are usually down to a warped hub, which could either be an old Italian hub or a porr quality newer Indian one (genuine SIL hubs are generally good). On this scooter the front disc could also be warped (it looks like an Indian or Vietnamese front end so that could be the case). Either one however should manifest itself on a smooth road too though, albeit more so at higher speed (maybe all the fast roads near her are uneven?).
    If it’s only on uneven roads, then for the rear brake I’d suggest the cable is routed incorrectly and snagging/letting off as the suspension works. At the front I’d go straight to checking that that bearings are good and that everything is actually tight – including the wheel within the forks!

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