Puch Cheetah

puchds_60_cheetah_ebayNow for something completely different… a Puch DS 60 Cheetah from, amazingly in my opinion, 1960. Why amazingly? Well, to my untrained eye, it looks so much later, presaging Japanese mopeds like the Honda Cub and monkey bikes from the 70s. There’s also a hint of the Rumi Formicino in the styling. Not as curvy and sinuous as a Lambretta or a Vespa, but a very pleasing design – tidy, solid and compact. It was described, back in the day, as a ‘scooterette’ – or ‘baby scooter’. The 59cc Cheetah was the ‘deluxe’ version, with a more stripped down 50cc bike called the Nomad as it’s entry level stablemate.

The Austrian company Puch are perhaps more remembered these days for their mopeds (such as the Puch Maxi), and small motorcycles, and maybe even push bikes (especially BMX’s), but they made very highly regarded scooters in the 1950’s. The Puch RL from 1953 had more traditional scooter styling, and had a good reputation amongst it’s owners,  the less than sparkling performance being offset by a reputation for exceptional reliability.

The 59cc 4 speed sports engine on this Cheetah produces 4.5 hp. It’s been restored to ‘as new’ condition with a professional respray (love the silver and bright orange combo!), the engine rebuild by leading vintage Puch specialists in Austria. The aluminium casing, brake drums and shock absorbers are polished to mirror finish. It has a refurbed original seat, new brake linings, wiring, exhaust system, rubbers and tyres. Rebuilt by a restorer rather than a rider, the bike has covered only 3 miles since. The V5 is present and it has 12 months MOT.

The bike is available for sale here:

1960 Puch DS 60 Cheetah Classic Scooter for Sale – £2,989.00


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    • Happy to Tim. The post has now been updated.

      If you have a look through the blog, you’ll see I generally credit wherever possible, and try to post links, I simply don’t know what happened on this occasion.

      As a matter of fact, the images were taken from eBay, rather than your website, but your point still stands. I have linked to other items you have for sale, (I’ve clocked your quite distinctive shop front in the background) for example, the invalid carriage; https://lambrettista.net/tag/invalid-carriage/ as you’ll see I’ve included a link.

      If I was running a business, I’d probably see this as ‘free advertising’, but hey ho. I’m sure your business is running just fine and the small extra traffic you’ll get from this blog won’t worry you too much one way or the other. Let me know if you want me to take them down. I’ve obviously annoyed you, but I’ll put your, frankly quite aggressive tone, down to you not having a great day. I’m actually quite a nice bloke, and don’t think of myself as a ‘thief’ but there you go.

      Best regards,
      The Lambrettista Blog.
      If you’d like to email me about this, or anything else, you can get me at crocodilejock@gmail.com


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