Original condition SX on eBay


1968_sx_ebay_rtouched‘Original condition’ may be a synonym for a bit rough. Just as ‘patina’ has become a synonym for what I used to call an RAF scoot – Rusty as F••k. But IMHO there’s a lot to like about this SX. For a start it’s all there… (well as far as I can tell from the pics, barring the rear frame badge, which shouldn’t be a problem). The panels look like they’re a good snug fit. Of course it needs a bit of TLC. And the engine will need a tinker with. Ok, it’s not a 200, but it IS an SX, a genuine one, not an LI dressed up, and it’s not silly money. It’s not cheap… but at todays prices, £3,550.00 looks like pretty good value to me. You could go either way with this one, a ‘conserved restoration’ or a a full nut and bolt shiney shiney job. Your call.
Here it is on eBay


3 thoughts on “Original condition SX on eBay

  1. It’s old owner was as nice as the scooter. It’s new owner, me, hopes to do the old girl proud. I plan to do a full resto back to original spec with NOS or original second hand parts wherever possible and only where needed. I’m hoping to reuse most of what left the factory in 1968. I may give way to a little tasteful colour accent just to lift the white but that’s it. The engine will remain as stock 150cc. It’s a long term project for me to keep and if anyone is interested I will post some pics as I progress. Cheers to all, Mike.


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