Iso love this…

luigis_isoLuigi from Italy sent me a picture of his scooter, this beautiful Iso – known officially in it’s native Italy  simply as the “F” – although maybe better known to British readers as the Iso Milano, (it’s South American name) or the Diva, as it was marketed under in Spain. Iso developed the F after an initial collaboration with, of all people Maserati… I wrote about the only known surviving scooter from this collaboration here. The lines of the F are classically italian, the scooter bears more than a passing resemblance to a Lambretta Series 1/2 and the Vespa VNB, depending on which angle you’re looking at it from 🙂im000636

Luigi knows a thing or two about classic scooters, having written the Iso pages on the (excellent) Scooter d’Epoca site.


3 thoughts on “Iso love this…

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  2. Hola soy de Argentina, quisiera saber porque algunas Iso tenían manubrios parecidos a la lambretta 150 il y otras solo el caño cromado con la forma del anclaje y el faro en el centro. Otra pregunta: son todas Diva?.

    saludos y felicitaciones por el foro.


    • Hi Jorge!
      I guess it’s just design refinements over the years… as new models came out from Lambretta and Vespa, they developed an enclosed ‘scooter style’ handlebar and headset, rather than the motorcycle style handlebars with separate headlamp. The same with the ISO is guess! How is the scooter scene in Argentina?


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