Lambro 500L on eBay

Lambro Pics $(KGrHqN,!q8FGUqId2Q!BRll5Th(Uw~~60_12 Lambro $(KGrHqV,!qUFF8jI)(5fBRll6ykBUQ~~60_12 $(KGrHqEOKo4FGTz4GObUBRlmSJT6o!~~60_12$(KGrHqJ,!rIFF0Tuq0OUBRll6O758g~~60_12

I’m rather taken with this 1968 Innocenti Lambro on eBay, in good original condition. Everything is there, it runs, and has a UK MOT.  And it looks fantastic. It could even be a great promotional vehicle for your business. Now, I’m not going to waffle on, because I don’t know a lot about these vehicles, but they are maybe something a little out of the ordinary for a Lambretta enthusiast. Check it out here if it’s your kind of thing. And if you think I’ve got the 1968 date wrong, because of the eBay listing, read the sellers comments 🙂

Thoughts? Your comments are always welcome…

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