Lambretta LN parts needed… Can you help?


One of my readers, Dan, had an unfortunate Christmas present over the holidays, with a van driver reversing into his Lambretta LN125. He’s having trouble sourcing a new front cowling to repair it… can you help? If you can, drop him a line to He’s in London, but happy to have it shipped from anybody in the UK. Any dealers out there that can help with this?


18 thoughts on “Lambretta LN parts needed… Can you help?

  1. Hi, I’m trying to find an easy way to get the indicator flash rate correct on one of these, it has 10 watt capless bulbs in it, which have never been available in this country! Has anyone found a solution for this?


  2. Hi. I’m looking for a replacement inner leg shield. A front mudguard and a exhaust for my 2012 Lambretta LN 125 any help much appreciated. Thank you.


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