Cento advice needed…

Andres got in touch with pictures of a Lambretta he’d just become the proud owner of… asking for help identifying the model. I’m afraid I couldn’t help – although it’s clearly a variant on a Cento, with some ‘modernised’ bodywork. The closest thing I could find was something I featured on the blog back in 2016, a SIL Lambretta Sunny, which looks remarkably similar.

My other thought, as this has turned up in Argentina, was that it was a model manufactured their by Siambretta or in Brazil…

If you can shed some more light on this Lambretta ‘oddity’ please get in touch, either in the comments below, or by using my contact section. I’ll pass any info on to Andres.


1 thought on “Cento advice needed…

  1. Yes it is a scooter made by Scooters India Ltd and badged as a Lambretta Cento. This is a later version of said scooter. SIL later re-badged this model as the SIL Sunny but didn’t produce anywhere near as many as the their earlier Cento. It is kind of based on the Innocenti Lambretta Cento but there are numerous differences, both cosmetic and mechanical. As a J-range owner (as these Lambretta models are known) since the 80s I’ve quite a soft spot for them and if you excuse the promotion, over the last few years we have published various articles in ScooterNova magazine about both the Italian and SIL production of the J-range. We looked at the Sunny in edition 5 and published a guide to the Lambretta J-range, From Italy to India in edition 20. https://scooternova.com/product-category/magazine/
    Cheers, Andy

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