Just some photography of the V-Special. And a couple of questions.

I’ve got a question. At what point do we stop calling the Lambretta V-Special “The New Lambretta”? For the classic Lambretta rider, I suspect it will always be ‘The New Lambretta.”

Anyway, here’s some rather nice photography from the official Facebook page (I’m sure they won’t mind). Any of my readers got one of these? Care to share your experience of owning and riding one? And one last question for Classic Lambretta lovers, (who I suspect make up the majority of my visitors) who were initially sceptical of the “New Lambretta” is the V-Special ‘growing on you’ at all yet? If not, what would it take to change your mind?

I love my classic Lambretta. But if I could have a modern scooter as well, there’s only one option.

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the official Lambretta Facebook page, or visit their websites, here: https://www.lambretta.com/scooters or https://www.lambrettascooters.com


4 thoughts on “Just some photography of the V-Special. And a couple of questions.

  1. “At what point do we stop calling the Lambretta V-Special “The New Lambretta”?”
    At no point do many real Lambretta enthusiasts and riders even call it a Lambretta.
    If you put a saddle on a pig that does not make it a horse. The same arguably goes for a name badge… 😉

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      • I think if you look at the bigger picture it’s more than just a diehard passion for the classic scooters i ride thousands of miles on. By that I mean the full story of how the name is being used today. It’s a very sad tale as far as a once respected brand name is concerned… 😦

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  2. I had one of those ‘New Lambretta’ since August, and I am completely in LOVE with it. It is fun to drive, stylish and reliable.
    Of course, I also admire the classic Lambrettas, but I think I do not have time, money and/or the skills to have one.


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