Call the Cops!

Regular contributor Darrin Slack sent me these great pictures of some Spanish Police Lambrettas… Look carefully at the first couple of pics, and you’ll spot some modifications to the standard Eibar models… firstly the additional (flashing?) light mounted on the headlight. The second, and more structural change is adding a siren, (clearly visible on the picture below) with a grill built into the side-panel to accommodate it. I’d imagine there was a fair few of these made… I wonder if any have survived intact? I’d love to see one!

The final picture is later, and features the Scooterlinea (or Slimstyle) Series 3 Serveta. They don’t appear to have front dampers, or disc brakes, and the front one seems to have a “Special” badge, rather than a “Jet” one. The obvious addition is that large flyscreen, this tiime with a (presumably) blue light built in.

If you have any further info about these Spanish Police Specials, I’d love to know!

Also, if they’re your images, I’d love to credit you properly, and give you a proper link. Of course, if you’d rather I took them down, I will.
I know that Serveta exported scooters to the US, and were used by the NYPD… but that’s another post for another day


2 thoughts on “Call the Cops!

  1. Hi
    Great photos of Spanish police on Lambrettas.
    But noticed under front of first series 2 what looks to be foot brake on left of centre chassis. ?????
    Probably not but a strange item to see whatever it is.
    What do you think ?


    Sent from my Galaxy


    • Good call Andy! It does look like a foot brake, but that doesn’t really make sense on that side… I’m thinking could it be a foot switch for the lights/siren (but why would you been such large mechanical structure under the chassis?) or possibly an anchor point where you could lock the scooter up? But who would be brave enough to steal a Police scooter in Franco’s Spain? Though, this was of course the Basque country…
      Or a tow point? Honestly, quite puzzled about this now. Can anybody shed any light?


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