Scomadi update… with rough pricing and first delivery dates

558962_10152043825888545_1737298289_nMy post about the Lambretta lookalike Scomadi scooter from Lambretta Innovations was the most popular single article I’ve ever posted on the Lambrettista blog, so there’s obviously a great deal of interest in this lovely looking GP inspired machine. 1461457_10152026457263545_1650804399_n

Below are some more pics, showing, I think, the general high level of finish, and quality of materials used. This isn’t something that’s been bolted together from a parts bin, it’s been designed (albeit based on a Bertone original, but hey, if you’re going to imitate somebody Bertone is not a bad place to start), refined, and refined again. The refining process isn’t quite finished yet, as there are a few more tweaks before the Scomadi hits full production. And that’s not far off. They’re talking about “early spring” for the first deliveries, and seeing as we are nearly in December now, that’s not too long to wait.1479480_10152043825688545_1004903713_n 1464667_10152043825493545_1211942085_n 994957_10152043825643545_2014980406_n 1460014_10152043825508545_404014742_n 1460042_10152043825683545_1752958225_n 1476477_10152043825858545_1396063568_n 1455898_10152043825533545_1179825614_n

Regarding pricing, word is that the 50cc should come in at around £1800, the 125 version at something over £2000 depending on the exact spec required. So not outrageously expensive, and certainly more affordable than I was expecting. No word yet on the flagship TL300, although that will clearly be the most expensive of the range. These aren’t official figures yet, so hold fire before popping down to see the bank manager. As before, keep track of the latest developments on the Scomadi website, or their Facebook page.

UPDATE: There’s a good article in this months SCOOTERING Magazine, with an interview from Paul Melici, one half of the partnership behind the Scomadi scooter. There’s a bit more info there, so get down to your newsagents and bag yourself a copy. But remember where you read it FIRST 🙂

On a related note, fans of the “new Lambretta” the LN, may be pleased to hear that there may be positive news on this soon. Legal battles with holders of the Lambretta brand name seem to be finally coming to a conclusion, so we may be seeing more about these well reviewed machines again soon. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but an official Lambretta is not a bad thing in my book, even if it simply serves as a “gateway drug” to an original classic 🙂


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