Latest whispers on the L70 Lambretta Vendetta

unnamed-5Further rumours (from a reliable source) have reached Lambrettista Towers concerning the new official Lambretta. The name, Vendetta, as suspected, refers to the ongoing family rivalry between Vespa and Lambretta. L70 is the code name referencing Lambretta’s 70th anniversary in 2017.

The scooter is going to be a “No Compromise” high-end machine… aimed at customers who are willing to pay a little more for a quality product. So, it’s not some cheap, ‘plastic fantastic’.

The rumoured specs are interesting (and positive) too;  Steel cage bodywork built around a tubular frame, steel legshields, aluminium handlebars/switches and decorative trim, removable sidepanels with interchangeable plastic, sheet metal and carbon fibre options. Initial Vendetta models will be powered by a range of air-cooled engines, in 50, 125 and 180cc capacities. There is talk of a water-cooled model in development. (If you read an earlier version of this post I’d got this the wrong way round).

There is also plans for a range of aftermarket parts. Stock plastic parts will be interchangeable with carbon fibre parts. The sidepanels will be 3d printable or steel. There’s serious talk of a high-performance tuning kit. So, much like a classic Lambretta, you’ll be able to specify and customise your Vendetta ‘your way’.

As mentioned in previous posts, the scooter is designed by Internationally renowned design house Kiska (famous for their relaunch of the classic Swedish Husqvarna motorcycle marque and ongoing work with the ever innovative Austrian brand KTM).

Detailed specs will follow soon, keep watching this space.



2 thoughts on “Latest whispers on the L70 Lambretta Vendetta

  1. Hola. si la nueva lambretta. vendetta L70 no bajan. la altura del asiento máximo 75 centímetros de altura. y sitio para el casco. yelmodelo. de 180cc. con inyeccio. electrónica. sera un fracaso seguro porque la altura del. asiento hay que pensar en los posibles. clientes femeninos. y el casco. muy importante. y una toma de 12 wolts. que esta de moda Yaque adelante la venta al mercado urgente porque la competencia va. muy rápida yo mismo si el precio es bueno comprare una. Lambreta. pero. los mas. tarde este. mes. de junio de 2016 ellos. sabrán los expertos. económicos son ellos


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