Spanish D – ‘Cruz Roja’ Special

Trawling the interwebs, came across this dapper Spanish model D… one of the first model of Lambretta out of the Eibar factory. Looks rather good themed as a miltary medical scoot… everything looks as it should, too my amateur eye anyway, apart from those saddles – too new! After a few thousand kilometres of running in though, the seats should start to look as good as the rest of the scooter.

Loving the folding rear foot-pegs, the front leg shield extenders, and the colour matched tool-kit. It’s just those seats, man…

It’s on this Spanish Auction Site if you’re interested, priced at €5,900.


2 thoughts on “Spanish D – ‘Cruz Roja’ Special

  1. G’day Stefano, lovely to meet you and Anna the other evening, especially to find that we share the same passion for cars and the Lambretta. This posting is from a site I belong to, I thought you may find it interesting. Sheryl and I are off to Venice for three days then on to Milan. Looking forward to visiting the Lambretta museum there. Will send you the address, maybe one day you will find the time to visit the museum. Sheryl and I are going to he rooftop bar for a couple of drinks then off to a rather nice restaurant we found. Well you and Anna take care. Maybe one day our paths will cross again.

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