Sporty Stickered-up S1 Streetracers

I see a lot of nice Lambrettas out there on the internet – many of them customised to the owners personal taste. In some cases, I can admire the work that’s gone into a scoot, but it’s “just not my thing”. On the other hand, sometimes I see one (or in this case two) that really float my boat. I came across this pair on a Facebook group, and thought, yeah, they’ll do! Everything about them is spot on, both of them, although they’re sublty different (rear footboard, a bit more chrome, fork embellishers on the orange one) they work nicely as a pair – and everything about them just seems ‘right’. Love the stickered-up aesthetic (but it’s got to be the right stickers)!

Posted by kind permission on the owner; John Lindgren.


1 thought on “Sporty Stickered-up S1 Streetracers

  1. Just sending photo of my Li125 special 1968 imported from Italy 3 years ago.
    Looks to have been resprayed banana yellow over there in early 70’s as per sticker theme.
    Old Italian stickers for Phoo jeans (sponsored Alfa Romea) Snoopy club of Farenza, Sir jeans again Italian and we real others Inc old Levi one.
    Have a look and a read ha ha
    Just a follow on from the other tasteful stickered Lammys.
    Ps these are the reason I cannot bring myself to remove them and respray
    Keep up the good work, I always enjoy your links.
    Merry Christmas

    Sent from my Galaxy

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