New Lambretta Announced!

LambrettaVendetta-4The new, official Lambretta has been announced… with little more than a silhouette and a new name “the Vendetta”. I’m liking both. The silhouette looks very traditional, and although it doesn’t reveal much, it looks very promising! The name? Lambretta Vendetta? Fantastic. Hinting maybe at rekindling the old rivalry with Vespa? Are we going to see a ‘wasp killer’? (yeah, good luck with that one, but it’s good to have ambition).

The one other thing we do know is the proposed capacities of 50, 125 and 180cc’s. Seems a reasonable line-up. I expect we’ll see the L70 designation dropped, as calling a machine a “L70 50” would be confusing, to say the least. And Vendetta is a great name. Stick with that lads.

The counter on the official page, has reset to 42 days, (which takes us to the middle of June) when I guess we’ll know a little more. I’m guessing we won’t see everything until a big reveal at a show (I don’t think there’s anything in June). I’m guessing it won’t be until EICMA in November, in Milan that we’ll see the Vendetta ‘in the flesh’. But so far, so good! Stay tuned.

When I know more, you’ll know more.

UPDATE: Sticky’s thoughts over at ScooterLab add more to the picture (as does his forensic Photoshop skills). I’m really liking the elements that reflect the original Lambretta lines, especially horncasting. The upward sweep of the bodywork gives the scooter an aggressively sporty stance. From what I’m seeing, it won’t appeal to those traditionalists amongst us who only want something with an Innocenti (or Eibar or SIL) badge on it, but if you’re in the market for a Scomadi, you might find you have another option.

FURTHER UPDATE: In a Press Release, Sébastien Stassin of KISKA (The design house behind the Vendetta design) said: “Lambretta is a treasured brand – a cult icon whose global cultural impact is as relevant today as it was last century. It’s not often that you’re given the opportunity to play an instrumental role in such a relaunch. The design team is honoured and excited.

Having relaunched Swedish motorcycle brand Husqvarna Motorcycles in 2014, and contributed largely to KTM’s brand success over the past 24 years, KISKA is up to the task. Working closely with the global development and investment team, Lambretta Consortium, KISKA has aimed to evolve the Lambretta design language, positioning it to take on the future realities of urban mobility, while honouring the brand’s compelling heritage.”


11 thoughts on “New Lambretta Announced!

    • A nice silhouette though 🙂 And a name! And a bunch of capacities… I agree, though I was hoping for a little more 🙂 They’re teasing us, building the anticipation…


    • Hopefully for a little more info. It’s kinda what I was expecting, a bit of a tease, but I must admit I was hoping for a few more shots. I don’t expect we’ll see it “in the flesh” until it’s unveiled at a show. (* goes away to google motorcycle industry shows in June)


  1. Buona sera, speriamo che sia costruitta in italia ma ho dei dubbi, e sopratutto che non sia costruita in india o cina Sono Gabriele da Urbino speriamo di vederla quanto prima. ASPETTO ANCHE DA VOI NOTIZIE. Grazie Gabriele da Urbino le marche, la città di Raffaello , e Barocci.

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    • It would be nice if it was constructed in Italy, but with the way the world is today, I suspect China is more likely, which is a shame. I think the best we hope for is Chinese (or Taiwanese, or Indian) manufacture, and Italian “final assembly” possibly trimming, paint etc… I think something similar was planned with the ill-fated LN, allowing it to be designated “made in Italy”. I think this is what Piaggio does with Vespas?


    • Agreed Gabriele! There are enough cheap, rubbish scooters, anything that bears the proud Lambretta name needs to be a premium product, aimed at a premium, lifestyle market. The construction and finish need to reflect this!


      • Domani mercoledì 15 giugno si dovrebbe vedere in chiaro la nuova lambretta e dovrebbe partire in via ufficiale la vendita


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