London Wasps SC Ride of Rememberance 2011


What a great day I had yesterday on the Wasps SC Ride of Remembrance… one of the highlights of my scootering year… no scrub that, one of the highlights of my year fullstop. A beautiful autumn day, with the sun shining through the misty light, London has never looked better. I’m told it was a lot better than last years weather where it was persisting down… well, when I got there, about 8.30 am, after a lovely ride up through Richmond Park and west London, there were four other scooters. When we left, I reckon it was closer to four hundred. Probably more.
After observing the two minutes silence at the Inner Circle of Regents Park, a run down Baker Street, onto Oxford Street and onto Marble arch, tourists and londoners alike stopping to smile, wave, take pictures and videos and smile…


 After a quick regroup on Park Lane… and it was scoots as far as you could see forwards and backwards… it was onto the main event, the laying of wreaths at the Royal Artillery Memorial at Hyde Park Corner. Sweeping round HPC, we were waved at by the troops who’s been on parade, and that was a moment of real pride. After a while it was onto the Southern Cross pub on the Kings Road for libations, I skipped that as family matters need my attendance at home… and the queue for the bar and toilets was enormous. This is the third year Wasps SC have organised this event, last year it raised over £1,500 for The British Legion. And I’d be amazed if this year it wasn’t much more. What a day, thanks Wasps, I was honoured to attend and I’ll see you all next year.


Wasps SC Facebook page.

Royal British Legion