How Lambretta defined 1960’s design

Great article on the Influx blog by Gary Inman on how the Lambretta, along with the E-type Jaguar and the original BMC Mini, defined 1960’s design. My favourite part is where he compares Lambrettas to their great rival Vespa… “Lambrettas are cool and beautiful. And better. End of.”
Couldn’t agree more Gary. Read the whole thing here.

Oh, and thanks to Vespamore for the heads up… although you no doubt agree to differ, eh Paul? 🙂

The Lambretta LN – what it means to the US lambrettisti


I’ve written about the “new Lambretta” …the LN… before. I’m sure I will again. There’s an excellent article here on the consistently good US based Scooterlounge blog.

The Cap’n makes some good points about the Lambretta brand… and how it has been devalued. I’m kinda with him there, although I have seen some great Lambretta branded products, there is a definite lack of of quality control.
There’s some “official Lambretta merchandise” that is just pure tat. Any hoo… read the article and make your own mind up. 
Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t seen the new LN yet, so I’ve yet to make my mind up yet. I’m definitely NOT an apologist for the LN. But there are a couple of definite ‘plusses” in my mind.
1. The manufacturers have actually looked at classic Lambretta’s before designing the look of this scoot. There are real design cues from the original.
2. It’s made of metal
So, anybody seen one, or actually ridden one yet?
I’d love to have to have some real world experience on here.