Sammy Davis Junior. On a Lambretta.


Just Sammy Davis Junior. On a Lambretta. But sometimes that’s all you need. Trying to collect the set. Somewhere in London by the look of it. Nicked from this blog.


Cliff Richard, Three’s up…

Cliff Richard on a LambrettaThere’s a title I never thought I’d be posting on this blog. Don’t know who the other fellas are… Shadows? Is it me, or has the bloke perched on the back rack got a very small head?

Oh, for my readers abroad, Cliff Richard was our (Britain’s) equivalent of Elvis. Sort of. He had hits in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. And probably the 90’s too. Thankfully, I think he’s more or less stopped making records now, except at Christmas.  Staying true to one of his earlier songs, he remains a Bachelor Boy to this day.