Serious ladies

By the expressions on their faces, whatever race was about to start wasn’t ‘just for fun’… these girls were taking things pretty seriously!

I don’t know a lot about this shot, but it’s great… I just had to reach into my ’emergency stash’ as I couldn’t leave a Vespa, no matter how beautiful, sitting as the first post on a Lambretta blog. Nothing against our Wasp riding brethren, but it’s just not right.

There’s some lovely scooters including an S-Type (Ridden by a Bev?) but I think the old D still looks ‘competitive’ …although the rider seems less professionally attired! There’s legshield banners for The Innocents Lambretta Club Kent, and TheLambretta Club London. If you can add any more info, or identify any of the participants, please do!

I love old pics like this, and if you’ve got any you would like to share on the blog, get in touch and we’ll get ’em up.

Lambretta Ladies


I’ve posted some pics of Lambretta’s with young ladies draped over them before… recently featuring the work of Laurent Callot, and a collection called SX Appeal… but as you can never have too much of a good thing, here’s a few more. Very sexy shots, and the ladies aren’t bad either. I don’t know where these come from originally, but these come from a collection on the excellent “The Sooterist” blog. Check it out, he always posts good stuff.