The Lambretta LN – what it means to the US lambrettisti


I’ve written about the “new Lambretta” …the LN… before. I’m sure I will again. There’s an excellent article here on the consistently good US based Scooterlounge blog.

The Cap’n makes some good points about the Lambretta brand… and how it has been devalued. I’m kinda with him there, although I have seen some great Lambretta branded products, there is a definite lack of of quality control.
There’s some “official Lambretta merchandise” that is just pure tat. Any hoo… read the article and make your own mind up. 
Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t seen the new LN yet, so I’ve yet to make my mind up yet. I’m definitely NOT an apologist for the LN. But there are a couple of definite ‘plusses” in my mind.
1. The manufacturers have actually looked at classic Lambretta’s before designing the look of this scoot. There are real design cues from the original.
2. It’s made of metal
So, anybody seen one, or actually ridden one yet?
I’d love to have to have some real world experience on here.

Stop press – You can buy your new Lambretta LN – from TODAY!


A little while ago I posted that the new Lambretta LN would be on sale in the UK soon. Well, Lynx scooters are now taking orders for the new Lambretta LN from today.

The price for the LN125 4t is  £3299.00 The so my guesstimate of £3,300 was pretty close :).
They have limited stocks, and are also selling through a classified ad on eBay. 
Apparently there are only a very limited number available, so if you fancy one, be quick.

Remember, you heard it here first!


Be Happy – Lambretta is back – THIS SUMMER!


I wrote about the relaunch of the Lambretta scooter on my other blog way back in November last year… read the blog entry here.
It’s been pretty quiet since then… but I’ve heard on the jungle drums that there is some exciting news in the offing… and that the all new Lambretta LN will be back soon. Very soon. We’re talking June. There will be two models, sharing simialar styling, the LS which comes in 50cc, 125, and 150cc variants, and the steel bodied LN, which comes with a 125 or 150 engine. Both the LS and the LN use a single cylinder, air cooled 4 stroke engine.   

I’ve received no word on pricing, yet, but stick with me, check back, and if I hear anything, anything at all, it’ll be posted up here. 
UPDATE: Right, had a sniff… and the word on the street is they will be selling for around £3,300… so sort of in the same ballpark as a 125 Vespa.

In the meantime, check out this official website.
What do you think the chances are of them lending me one for a couple of weeks, so I can write a proper review?