Moldovan Lambretta Police

Moldovan Police LNsSince I announced, perhaps prematurely, the demise of the Lambretta LN, and the launch of the LamSport, I’ve been sent a link to the Official Moldova Government Ministry of Internal Affairs webpage, announcing that the Police had been presented with ten Lambretta LN’s for ‘daily activity in public places’.  Further info on the LN will follow, when I discover more!Moldovan Police LN fleet


LamSport 125 – “New Lambretta” with NO Lambretta DNA.

The “New Lambretta” saga rumbles on. Most readers of this site, I suspect, will not be particularly interested, having not taken the 2011 Lambretta LN to their hearts. Which is a shame, because, IMHO, although clearly not a classic Lambretta, it paid homage to the lines and spirit of the marque, and had a little Lambretta DNA in it’s blood. Now we have a “New Lambretta” The LamSport.

The new machine, despite being designed by the same Alessandro Tartarini behind the LN design, and who’s radical designs for the range of Caterham Motorcycles I was a big fan of, disappoints me on every level. It’s just an ok looking modern sports style scooter.  With a Lambretta badge on it.
The LN was a decent stab at reinventing a classic machine for the twenty-first century. This is badge engineering at it’s worst. The old Lambretta Motorcycles website from Motom is now down, and I suspect that that is the end of Lambretta LN, which will become an interesting side note to Lambretta history. UPDATE: Further research has found that the LN is still linked to on the Vinh Phat Group website here – so it appears to be in production alongside the the LamSport. And in twenty or thirty years time, when the LamSport is all but forgotten about there will be one or two LN’s left, commanding big prices amongst the  Lambretta collectors and completists. A real shame.6_esterno
The LamSport is being assembled and distributed by the Vinh Phat Group in Vietnam, who launched the new model in Hanoi last week. I’m sure it will do very well in the home market, at least. As far as I’m concerned, if you want a ‘modern Lambretta’ and you are in Hanoi, you would be better off with an Ebretta.EbrettaI’m sorry, I’m not going to write about this any more. This upsets me. If you want to find out more, The excellent ScooterNova blog is a good source. But don’t expect to find any more posts on the LamSport on this blog.

UPDATE: My sources tell me that it may not quite be the end of the road for the Lambretta LN, which is good news. I find myself, as a rider of an Innocenti 1960 LI150 Series 2, in the unlikely position of flag waver for the LN, but it is, from all accounts, a good, reliable and stylish modern scooter, and it definitely has my old S2 in it’s family tree. Stay tuned, for more Lambretta LN info, and nothing more about the LamSport!

Lambretta LJ50

I posted a while ago, that in addition to the 125 and 150 LN & LS models, there looked like there was going to be a 50cc LJ model. Well, anyone that has been watching eBay will tell you, there is. Well, ctually there are two models, The LJ, which like the original LI Series 1, had it’s headlight on the corncasing, and the LT which has it’s headlight more conventially mounted.

I haven’t got a lot of spec on these, but here’s what I do have. 

Engine type: 2 stroke 
Cooling System: Air
Fuel System: Carburettor
Transmission: Automatic
Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension: Unit Swing Arm
Front Brake: Disc
Rear Brake: Drum
Front Tyre: 110/70-12
Rear Tyre: 120/70-12

Price is expected to be around £1899.00

Check it out, and reserve yours if you fancy one, on eBay here.

Be Happy – Lambretta is back – THIS SUMMER!


I wrote about the relaunch of the Lambretta scooter on my other blog way back in November last year… read the blog entry here.
It’s been pretty quiet since then… but I’ve heard on the jungle drums that there is some exciting news in the offing… and that the all new Lambretta LN will be back soon. Very soon. We’re talking June. There will be two models, sharing simialar styling, the LS which comes in 50cc, 125, and 150cc variants, and the steel bodied LN, which comes with a 125 or 150 engine. Both the LS and the LN use a single cylinder, air cooled 4 stroke engine.   

I’ve received no word on pricing, yet, but stick with me, check back, and if I hear anything, anything at all, it’ll be posted up here. 
UPDATE: Right, had a sniff… and the word on the street is they will be selling for around £3,300… so sort of in the same ballpark as a 125 Vespa.

In the meantime, check out this official website.
What do you think the chances are of them lending me one for a couple of weeks, so I can write a proper review?