Sign of the times…

NeonSign-2-18-8-2014I discovered some great Lambretta signage over on ebay, all of which would look wonderful on the wall of your garage, workshop, or even living room, depending on how accommodating your other half is to your Lambretta obsession. Cream of the crop, (I should really save this to last, but I don’t want you to miss it) is this beautiful neon sign… who wouldn’t wan this beauty? If you’ve seen the one at the Lambretta Museum in Weston, this is double of it. Here it is on eBayNeonSign-1-18-8-2014





Then I found a couple of simpler, but still very desirable ( and a tad more affordable) lightbox signs…



LightboxSign-18-8-2014  Here’s the link to the first one and Here’s the other

Finally, a very nice enamel repro dealer sign.
EnamelSign-18-8-2014 Here’s the eBay link to that one