New Twitter Handle!

Mr Lambrettsita Twitter AvatarI’ve got a new Twitter handle (why handle? Is it only used on Twitter and CB radio? How weird!) It’s  @MrLambrettista and, if you do the Twitter thing I’d love you to follow me their. This is going to be 100% (well maybe 95%) scooter and scooter lifestyle related. Once I’ve got a bit of critical mass, I’ll start deleting the scootering links from my other twitter account (@crocodilejock) and just use that for my art, graphic design, typography, brand and marketing related posts (my day job). If that sort of stuff interests you, I’d love to keep you as followers here. Sorry if this all seems a little convoluted, but it will all start getting confusing if I leave it much longer. It also makes sense to link up the blog, the Facebook page and the twitter account under one ‘brand’.

So the long and short of it is, I’d love you to follow me on @MrLambrettista and a big thank you to the 68 people that have followed me already!

Lambrettista. Now with added Facebookyness.

Lambrettista-FacebookHeaderIn exciting developments today*, it was announced that the Lambrettista blog (this one) was getting it’s own Facebook page. It’s here. So you can follow, like, Share and do all that stuff there, too. The WordPress blog  aint going anywhere, and it’s where most of the detail will be… but I was getting a hell of a lot of traffic from Facebook, (Especailly when the nice people at Scomadi and The Rimini Lambretta Centre linked to my posts on their FB pages) it’s silly not too.

Pop over and “Like” me on Facebook here:

*I know, it’s not exciting to anyone. Except me. A bit.

Twitter? Here’s some scooter people you may want to follow

Instead of a regular #FF (Follow Friday – where you post links of other Twitterers you may think of interest to others), I thought I’d complile the ultimate scooter related list. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, UK, US, Europe, Worldwide, Shops, Clubs, Blogs, Forums and Individual Scooterists; I should probably sort it into some categories, but that’s for another day.

If you’re not on it, you probably don’t follow me on Twitter (@CrocodileJock – if you want to follow me I’ll add you to the list). If you don’t want to be on list, let me know, I’ll take you off. 

@ScootSafely, @NScutt, @bostonlambretta, @Stellin0, @BMGscooters, @littlerascal356, @silviabes, @PhxScooterClub, @RetroScooterG, @anjieto, @cf31bloobird, @TgSoul82, @Lambretta_Store, @ScooterGeek, @TurdyBoyScooter, @LondonMod, @JacquesCockin, @LambrettaImages, @lambretta_man @PXVespaRider, @scooter italia, @scooterandstyle, @vespabretta, @Vespa_King, @oilyblog, @meekmeister, @lambrettagp205, @luvmylambretta, @joker_79, @indoscootermagz, @DaveSexton7, @lambretta_sx200, @PhilwArcher, @JahSeagrove, @lambrettaparts, @scooture, @ScooterNews, @LambrettaSuits, @lionssc, @ZenosScooters, @love2sc00t, @ScooterBritain, @viajandoenvespa, @Scooter_TShirts, @Scooter125net, @LambrettaClubID, @Mod_Generation, @VespaScooter1, @petethemod66, @MonkeyPicks, @vespasurrey, @LambrettaColin, @SportiqueScoots, @scooternation, @KCScooterRiders, @Vespablog, @vespaexperiment, @nohoscooters, @ celesteisella, @rapidoscooters, @vespagal746, @scooter_boi, @fanaticscooters, @vespa online, @ StoneheadsSC, @SportiqueDenver, @ModWorldGallery, @VespaDetroit, @Marishka, @vespalexington, @SurreyScooterSv, @Novox_e_scooter, @VespaVita, @Bumpstart, @scootrev, @cooperdmev, @daveVespa, @southbayscoots, @LaVidaVespa, @a1zeno, @scootrva, @vespa_org_uk, @NEScooterClub, @scooterclubbog, @VespaofLA, @zenx13, @barnsleysime, @wadotone, @MalossiUSA, @th_capn, @uvscooters, @GVVR, @Michael_Stirra, @VespaClubBern, @scootarded, @Mod_Shack, @scooterjenn, @vescooterspares, @heru_hw, @lambretta60, @2StrokeSmoke, @lambrettaspain, @LamMag, @ScooterLounge, @ScooterWrecker, @scooterchrome, @scootnashville, @SpiParts, @scootnz, @scooterpinups, @Doug_Turner, @RVDMScootPDX, @dtc54, @joneoz, @GazParry66, @ukscooterclub, @ThePilgrimsSC, @RBSCScooterClub, @TitansScooterC, @ScooterCrowd, @topmod63, @scootsuitsboots, @scootercenter, @LincolnMOD, @Retrovespa, @ClassicScoots, @SeattleVCOS, @dougmcp, @ThatVespaGuy, @MRTScooters, @bluerichard67, @Dj_IMOD, @The_Robster_, @SCOOTERATTITUDE, @ scooterclasico, @VespaLand, @Ciaoparis, @ZootScoot, @brayscooters, @innocenti42, @ScooterMercato, @LambrettaRev, @eastsidescooter, @BluevsGreyRally, @vespaloversclub, @redstickscoot, @sipscootershop, @Amerivespa, @vespabk, @scootcats, @ScooterForumUK, @ScootPhilly, @scoottheroute, @ScooterCenter, @Scootr_magazine, @SShipstone, @Salford_Knights, @MalcolmLong, @scootermod, @lollkieran, @scooter_andy, @jgrightnow, @Modtheaceface, @Paella_Pete, @LambrettaClubUS, @mapcy, @TheRealDealSC, @trojan_sc, @trojan_sc, @BhamScooterSynd, @ScootervilleMN, @POCscooters, @ScootClubUSA, @scooterlandusa, @iamascooterist, @Scooterspot, @Scooter_Maniac, @fatcatscooter, @Scootabaker, @stuartbumford, @scootertech, @LambrettaClubCh, @LambrettaStore, @casalambrettauk, @Lambrettaman, @scootrally, @lambretta, @ScooterDiva, @ScooterAlert, @scoot3r, @ScooterCult, @nyscooterclub, @scooterguy09, @scootinoldskool, @deadbunnysc, @ScooterGrooveUK, @PhillyScooters, @scrmovie, @ScooterLust, @jet200lambretta, @metromoto, @JoDaines, @VivoScooters, @Corazzo, @SittKnightsSC, @ChiDistrict_SC, @scootmagapril, @VespaUSA, @vespafans, @SCOOTERIASP, @nycscootering, @Chicago_SC, @mainroller, @ScootRS, @ScooterworksUSA, @old_scoot, @thescooterspace, @scooterism, @davesx200, @rockersvsmods, @stacie_stewart, @lambrettaowners, @DaveModculture, @CrocodileJock, @ScooterLife150