Scooter BadgesBig thanks to ‘Kirko’ from the Lowlanders for sending me a ‘Whisky No More’ goody bag, including this Rally badge…  looks great on my bike jacket!
Apparently a great time was had by all!. Cheers Iain!

Fancy an Indian?

Harley Davidson… you’ve got some competition. The japs have tried, but, Honda Goldwing aside,  have never quite puled off the big cruiser thing. I’ve been keeping half an eye on Indian motorcycles over the last few years, and it looks like 2014 might be the year they’re back with a bang.

They’ll certainly turn a few heads. But what’s this got to go with Lambrettas? Nothing really. I’ll occasionally post about another marque that catches my eye. They’ve got a cool logo. And my Grandad used to ride one, way, way back. Enough reason for me.

Indian Motorcycles

Lambretta and a London Bus…

Scooter and A Red Lodon Bus

Well, that’s what I thought when I first saw this pic… but that’s not a Lammie… too skinny a derriere for a Series 2… My guess would be an Agrati Capri… One of the few Lambretta & V*spa competitors that could hold a candle to them in the industrial design stakes.

Anyway, whatever the scooter, it’s a wonderful image, shot by davekpcv on Flickr.

Luna Roadtest

No… I don’t speak Swedish (I’m thinking it’s Swedish, but I’m probably wrong), but I still found this little Luna roadtest rather watchable. Now, the Luna range doesn’t get much of a look in on this blog, which is a shame, because I really rather like them. They were a real back to basics scooter from Lambretta, back to the open frame principles of the original models A to D (I know there was a E and an F, but they pretty much petered out after the D). With this pared down, lightweight ethos and a space-age design from Bertone, where could they go wrong? Well, perhaps the Luna was just a bit too radical… ahead of it’s time, certainly a visual shock for aficionados of the clean curves of traditional Lambretta. But if you look at most modern small scooters, they’re a bit more Luna than GP. A superb design, a beautiful Bertone classic… born too soon?

Life’s a beach…

Beach GPThat last pic prompted me to post this one, that’s been sitting on my hard drive for a few days. Don’t know anything about this one either. I’d love to give credit where it’s due, it’s a great shot. So if it’s your scoot or your photograph, let me know and I’ll credit you.

Flat out…

Flying AusieDon’t know much about this shot, it’s from the Scooter Center website, and I’d say someone’s been having a play in Photoshop. But it’s still a pretty cool image…

The guys at scooter centre even speculate as to what set up he’s running… here.


Lammie Drive 2 Update

LammieDrive2A lot has happened since my original post. There off! In fact, they’ve been going for over a week now… and it’s been eventful to say the least. A broken collar bone, and some severely stressed scooters that have needed a fair bit of work on them. But it was never going to be easy was it? The team Siobhan, George (A Harley and Triumph rider who’s first experience of Lambretttas was day one of the trip!), Tino and Oreste (on a Vespa) have got as far as Cairns.LammieDrive2 Cape York


Follow their progress here:

LCGB 60th Anniversary Run Shipston-on-Stour

Remember that rather good video I posted a wee while back of EuroLambretta in Avignon? Well, Woody, who shot that, has made another mini masterpiece with this film of the Lambretta Club of Great Britains’ 60th Anniversary Rally. Enjoy.