Ultra rare Italian / Californian Scooter – The Rex Monaco

rexmonacoheroCame across this on Craigslist, a scooter I’d never heard of before… the Rex Monaco.

Aficionados of Italian scooters might spot that this is a Garelli Capri lookalike… in fact it’s a badge engineered scooter from Gabelli, sold under the Rex brand in the US. (a similar scooter was marketed as the Capri de Luxe in Italy and the Garelli Monaco in the UK).

This is a super-rare scoot – and while not as rare as this Maserati scooter – is possibly one of only 250 made – and it’s maybe the best example of the model that exists. For the $2,600 asking price you get not one, but four Rex Monacos. One complete and original, clean runner and three ‘parts’ scooters – enough to restore a second one.

The Craigslist listing is here, and there’s a ton more about it on the sellers blog.


1963 Lambretta TV200

I was going to do another post on those modern Lambretta type thingies… but I need a proper Lammie on here first. And you don’t get much more proper than a ’63 TV Series 3. Lovely scoot… and clearly the inspiration behind the modern LN’s. But face it boys, no matter how hard anybody tries to recapture the essence of Lambretta, no modern machine will EVER look as gorgeous as this classic. Love the music too. Nobody, by The Human Beinz.