1960’s Nogoodniks from Hong Kong…

The film title says Hong Kong Teddy Boys… but they’re not quite Teds as I remember them. Seriously cool scooters, whatever they are… can anybody Id them (the scooters, not the actors!)?

Form HK Rockers on Vimeo

Dudes on D’s

4b4c420d48283a75ae782312692d0626Oh, they had style back in the day. The men wore suits, and the ladies rode side saddle. Or looking backwards! When it was on the stand, anyway… those were the days.


Suedehead SX

the scooterist (104)
Love this image, snagged off The Scooterist blog of a custom SX. I’d peg it as a guy in a transitional “hard mod/suedehead” phase, the scooter, though full bodied is starting to bear the hallmarks of the later “Skinhead Skellie” style, with the high rise, basketweave seat and headrest, the scarf tied on, and the megaphone exhaust. A good look Brian!


The Second Annual MotorScooter Rally at the Isle of Man, 1959

Found this fantastic video on YouTube. Those were the days… Bear in mind, when you see everybody in their jumpers, scarves and macintoshes – this was the height of summer! Halcyon days. (I don’t actually know what halcyon means… but I expect these days were halcyon).